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BOMB Magazine is a historic, multi-platform publishing house and magazine archived within Columbia University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

Since 1981, BOMB has published interviews, essays, visual portfolios, and original works of fiction by and with luminaries such as Salman Rushdie, Yayoi Kusama, Patti Smith, Jonathan Franzen, and Willem Dafoe, among others.

BOMB includes a quarterly print magazine, a daily online publication, and a digital archive of its previously published content from 1981 onward. 

“The Task of the Publisher: Lucas Zwirner Interviewed by Addis Goldman,” BOMB Magazine, Sept 2019.




[Interviewed Lucas Zwirner, Head of Content at David Zwirner, on occasion of POWER / CULTURE, a four-part series of public talks that bring together leading writers, artists, and thinkers to explore the role of power within the cultural sphere, hosted by Lucas Zwirner in conjunction with Daniel Mendelsohn, Editor-at-Large of The New York Review of Books].